Welcome to morph

What we do

We equip global B2B organisations for ongoing change by delivering bespoke, practical, insight-driven consultancy. we create solutions that remove the guesswork, avoid the myriad pitfalls, and drive successful, game-changing action. 

Any strategic plan is likely to hinge on transformative change: Digitisation – Diversification –Corporate Culture – Customer Centricity – Innovation – Channel Strategy.  

Change is both inevitable and continuous and yet businesses have a habit of making change painful and risky when it just needn’t be.   

We support our clients through change, delivering bespoke, holistic and insight-driven solutions that remove the guesswork and drive successful change.

At the centre of our work is a fundamental understanding of team dynamics and B2B value chains – we bring VoC (voice of the customer and indeed the channel, the collaborator, the competitor and the colleague) into our client’s boardrooms providing the critical insight needed to design and deliver effective transformation. 

With 25+ years in B2B insight, you name it, we’ve seen it, here are just a few examples of projects conducted by the morph team. 

About us

Kate Anderson – Founder

With over 25 years’ experience supporting leadership teams in designing, planning and implementing strategic change, Kate brings expertise in all major B2B trends: from portfolio management, diversification, digitisation and servitisation, to CX, channel and pricing strategy.

Kate is a pioneering B2B research consultant, devising and executing successful research and transformation solutions for a portfolio of global corporate clients, including 3m, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Canon, Infineum, HP and Sage. Particular experience in B2B tech and industrial businesses, notably high performance chemicals and specialist materials. Industry authority on research into global value chains and emerging markets.

She’s a trusted critical friend, adept in challenging constructively, and in helping businesses to acknowledge weaknesses, adapt skilfully and flourish commercially. She excels in agile thinking, intelligent reframing, and transparent, resourceful working.


When all you have in your toolkit is a hammer – everything looks like a nail!  morph takes a neuro-diverse approach, bringing together a network of experts in fieldwork, data analytics, desk research, workshopping etc to deliver a well thought-out and all-round solution. 


morph launched in Jan 2021 – but it’s the start of a new chapter, not a brave new venture.  Founder, Kate Anderson, led Cello Health’s B2B tech insight agency, Breaking Blue, for 15+ years until sale of the group to Pharma Value Appreciation in Summer 2020.  As of 2021 Breaking Blue, will now focus primarily on tech and over to morph to continue Breaking Blue’s work in B2B change management.  

Our focus in on supporting global B2B brands in the continuous change that is now, more than ever, so critical for survival. 

Key areas of specialism are:  assessing market opportunity, CX strategy, digitisation, servitisation, pricing and channel strategy. 

Here are just a few examples of our work