The transformative power of dance – morph proud to sponsor Streetfunk community work

Morph is all about enabling business transformation. To transform requires an openness to change born out of a growth mindset.

Do you have a growth mindset and what engendered that in you? Were you encouraged to feel capable and adaptive?  Or did you have to overcome adversity and find that strength yourself?

Access to new opportunities, challenge and positive role models are so critical in our formative years – attending a dance class for example and attempting a complex move, standing up and performing in front of an audience and working together in a “crew” helps kids develop self-esteem, confidence and teamwork skills.  

Dance can transform children’s outlook and their lives, but as with so many opportunities, such classes can be beyond the means of families on ever tighter budgets.

Morph is proud to sponsor Sussex-based streetdance school, Streetfunk, in its mission to support the local community by providing classes for children for whom such clubs are not affordable.

Streetfunk is looking for more sponsors to make that difference – can you help?

Click on the image below to hear Streetfunk’s appeal on BBC Sussex