Customer centricity as a platform for growth

Our client, a leading materials provider, is pursuing a transformational strategy including ambitious diversification and growth targets and is keen to ensure that it is set up both culturally and operationally to deliver this growth.  Working with the team on a recent customer satisfaction study, we had identified a lack of customer-closeness.  In a market in which collaboration is critical to supporting customers in innovation and differentiation, a lack of closeness and product vs customer-centricity is hampering our clients’ ability to form and maintain the long-lasting value-add client relationships needed to drive sustainable growth. 

We worked with the Customer Experience team to design and deliver interactive workshop for their Global Executive Leadership Team with two key aims  
1) Educational: To immerse the team in Customer Experience (CX) thinking  
2) Co-creational: To evaluate the CX maturity of the business and develop a plan to drive greater customer centricity through the business. 

In our two day workshop, we brought together functional leads from across the global business including sales and marketing, supply chain, business transformation and customer experience.  We presented them with the latest in CX thinking and used the latest in workshopping techniques to support the team in ideation and prioritisation.  We then supported the team in summarising their thoughts and presenting the business case and implementation plan to the C-Suite for approval  

The team’s proposed plan to develop a CX strategy for the business has been approved by the C-Suite and the business plans to push ahead with this new CX strategy in 2021.