Global market opportunity evaluation

An advanced materials manufacturer asked us to assess the market potential for an innovative water filtration product. The market is currently dominated by membrane filtration, but the client had developed new paper-based solution, to rival this and disrupt the market. They had had success across a range of verticals, but now needed to guide the focus and direction of their future market strategy.

We provided insight into market opportunities, by reviewing the global water filtration market across 7 key verticals. These ranged from personal and residential consumer products, to industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. We used a combination of secondary and primary research, speaking with members of the client’s development and operational teams, and analysing data from a range of sources to determine regulatory, social, political and regulatory factors. Once we had mapped the competitive landscape and calculated the size and shape of the potential customer base in each vertical, we were able to size the verticals and determine the opportunities and barriers to entry for each. Ultimately we were able to tell the client which ones presented the greatest opportunity, and which to deprioritise.