Guiding a successful launch into Europe

Chamberlain Group is a US-based market leader in technology and home access controls. Expansion into Europe is a key part of their strategy: they came to us when they needed market analysis to identify territories to prioritise, and to approach each market with maximum impact.​

We provided in-depth market analysis of Europe, which formed the basis of Chamberlain’s planning.  We provided a detailed overview of the market structure and size, and profiled customer needs in terms of features, design and pricing. Our market analysis also identified key elements for messaging, and provided detailed insight into the mindset and dynamics of channels in each market.​

As a result of our work, Chamberlain was able to prioritise markets and formulate a detailed go-to-market plan. The team began immediately to build channel networks in three beachhead markets.​

We worked hand-in-hand with the client team to ensure the research delivered against their objectives, no matter how challenging. We identified effective ways to get to the heart of every issue, meeting tight deadlines and delivering the market analysis that Chamberlain needed to take action with confidence.