Informing innovation strategy

Our client was a manufacturer of specialist materials, who needed to plan its innovation strategy in a specific part of the market: surgical drapes. In order to do that, they needed to understand the influences and value drivers, when customers and end users purchased these materials.

We designed a programme of interviews to gather insight from across the value chain. Our specialist interviewers spoke to direct customers, converters and decision-makers at hospital level, including procurement and surgical teams.

We provided our client with a clear understanding of the factors that customers take into consideration when developing drapes, and particularly how changes in the end-user market are influencing these decisions.  We also helped them understand challenges that customers and users were experiencing in the market at the time, and anticipated future pressure-points.

Our client has been able to develop an action plan for the next several years. The team have identified both priorities for product innovation, and processes to successfully engage and collaborate with customers, to maximise impact and win European market share.