Portfolio planning

A leading manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE) came to us to obtain a clear view of the market appetite for disposable respirators across Western and Eastern Europe and to understand the optimal product portfolio, and pricing strategies to maximise profitability. They wanted to explore the reactions of end users and specifiers, from a wide range of industries and businesses, towards prototypes of disposable respirators.​

We conducted focus groups in 4 target markets, and explored consumers views towards a number of personal safety brands, personal protective equipment and safety culture. We tested their reaction to disposable respirators, both current models and prototypes. The focus group results were then taken forward into a quantitative phase with a wider range of specifiers from 6 target markets, designed to model market share and uptake. This survey measured their sensitivity to price and validated the findings from the focus groups. ​

Through this research, we captured the consumer’s attitude towards PPE and provided the client first hand understanding of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of their products in this personal safety category, and how much their buyers were willing to pay for them.