2021 – all change

What changes do you face in 2021?

Happy New Year!  What does 2021 and beyond have in store for you and your team?  Chances are your exec team has spent the last few months working up that strategic plan and there’s some big, scary but exciting change on the way. 

I truly hope so, as, even at the best of times and particularly in the current climate, no business can afford to stand still.  Whether the change you face is dictated due to circumstances beyond your control (pick your mega trend: legislature, globalisation, market disruption or global pandemic for example), it’s your chosen route or indeed, a combination of the two, one thing’s for certain, it’s going to happen, so you might as well get started.  

Change – a daunting prospect?

Change is exciting but often scary too. Why?  All too often, businesses aren’t set up to deliver change, it’s done wrong and it fails, so we’ve been taught to fear it.  

Harvard Business Review estimates that 70% of change initiatives fail attributing this to leaders’ lack of understanding of nature and process of corporate change.  Indeed, 25+ years in B2B insight, steering successful change and sadly also too often helping clients pick up the pieces when change goes wrong have shown me the warning signs:

  • Change seen as a one-time event to be got through when it should be seen as a constant, organic process and evolutionary imperative
  • One size fits all: application of theoretical, generic frameworks which lack the nuanced detail to drive real success
  • Lack of ownership and accountability
  • The team as objects vs agents of change: team not engaged, experience and knowledge not leveraged
  • Shooting in the dark: guess work assumptions versus knowing
  • Drinking the kool aid: not questioning the organisation’s view – not understanding the dynamics of the value chain, your customer and their needs

Sound familiar?

Introducing morph

I’m a strong believer in practicing what I preach. So for me, Jan 2021 means the next step in the journey, goodbye to Breaking Blue, the team I led for 15+ years which will now focus primarily on tech and over to morph to continue Breaking Blue’s work in B2B change management. 

morph helps equip global B2B organisations for ongoing change, by delivering bespoke, practical, insight-driven consultancy. We create solutions that remove the guesswork, avoid the myriad pitfalls, and drive successful, game-changing action.  At the centre of our work is a fundamental understanding of B2B value chains – we bring VoC (voice of the customer and indeed the channel, the collaborator and the competitor) into our client’s boardrooms providing the critical insight needed to underpin effective transformation.

Let’s talk change

So enough about morph what about you? Wouldn’t it be great if yours was one of the 30% of change initiatives that succeeds?   

Where do you start?   We’d love to help make your change journey a smooth and successful one. So, get in touch, free up half an hour and let’s chat over a virtual coffee.

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