Embracing the spirit of Kaizen – we can all learn “new tricks”

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Good news: I’ve just been awarded The Change Management Professional Certificate and that means I get my Saturday afternoons back! This lockdown I’ve decided to brush up on a few skills.

When it comes to change management, insight leadership and governance I’m very much an autodidact – I’ve learned on the job over the years. I have a great, intuitive sense of how to do things and ample practical experience. So why embark on a formal course and certification process?

Kaizen – it works

Well I’m a strong believer in lifelong learning and continuous improvement – call me Kaizen Kate. And gaining a formal certificate in change management has given me the chance to complement decades of experience with the latest in thinking, frameworks and vocabulary – learning “new tricks” as it were and also new words for “old tricks”.

So, what next?

Glad to have completed the course and got my Saturday afternoons back . . . so I can spend these on brushing up on my corporate governance skills via the InTouch NED programme . . . what next?

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